Teen Actors Headshot Photographers

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Child and Teen Headshot Photographers

Getting great actors headshots for Teens and Kids can be challenging. But by taking your time and helping them plan out their session and let them have a say in what they wear and even what kind of poses they want to do helps get them to buy into their session. This is Aria and she absolutely killed it in the studio. She was excited right from the start and was very easy to work with. I can see that any part she gets in the future the directors will have an easy time working with her. She follows instructions very easily and also has some creative ideas of her own. Check out what her mom had to say about their visit to our studio.

“John thanks for the amazing headshots you took of of my daughter. You were very professional, and gave us many images to choose between. The grandparents are very pleased!” – Jenn GB

Headshot Photographer for Kids and Teens
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