Kitchener Headshots fo speakers

“John makes YOU the star of the show. I’ve worked with John a few times over the past decade. As a professional speaker who’s worked in 24 countries, I’ve had my photo taken by many international photographers and most them are only interested in making THEIR photos look good instead of making YOU look good – big difference! If you want a basic, standard issue, boring headshot, there’s plenty of names to squander your money on. But if you want something that will make your branding truly STAND OUT, John is man to call. He’s not just another photographer, he creates photographic art.”
– Les Evans Professional Speaker

Actress Headshots Guelph

“I’ve worked with John a few times now and he’s great at creating an extremely comfortable and professional atmosphere. So when I needed new headshots I knew who to call. He was very thorough. He asked what vibe I wanted prior to the shoot and asked for some examples so on the day, all I had to do was show up. He had everything set up so after a few lighting tests we had the perfect shot in minutes. He had a keen eye for manipulating the body to hit those desired angles you want in a headshot. I’m due for some updated shots and I’ll be calling him again. Thanks John.
– Zade O’Blenes actress

“John is awesome! I thought I would feel so awkward having my new head shots taken, but John made me so comfortable. I felt like we were having a hilarious conversation…and also happened to be taking some photos. Oh, and the photos turned out to be beautiful, natural, and SO much better than I thought a picture of me could ever be! John’s advice on how to choose different shots for different professional venues was invaluable. I will be a repeat client FOR SURE. Thanks, John!!”
– Emily Murphy Naturopathic Doctor

“I love working with John! Having a photographer that makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in is a very rare thing, but John makes me feel strong, confident and flawless when I have sessions with him!I have no problem paying for the way his work makes me feel!
Truly an amazing local talent!”

– Taylor Taylor ( yes that is her name)

Custom Headshots Guelph

“I have worked with John on a couple of projects and both times, his vision has lifted my original concept ideas, into a whole new level. I have been more than happy with his work and our latest Album Cover project together has really gained me rave reviews from my fans. He is a true artist in his own right and he has always been able to interpret my ideas and make them so much better than I could have imagined. It has been an absolutely pleasure working with him and I will continue to do so….”
– Monty Greig musician

Top Modelling Portfolio Photographers Kitchener

“Amazing, talented and incredibly professional. There are no words to describe how fabulous the photos John takes are. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Photography is one of those things that you REALLY get what you pay for and John is worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed.”
– Madame Absinthe model